This week we discuss what you should you do about the finger smudges, pet nose prints, and other grim that fines it way onto on a flat panel LCD or Plasma TV? The comments below also apply to flat panel computer displays.


Most TV’s come with a cleaning cloth not unlike what’s used for eye glasses. That’s fine for minor cleaning, but it doesn’t cut it for a 55″ panel that needs a good going over. You shouldn’t use a glass cleaning solution or a cloth with even the slightest abrasive feel. Distilled water and a cotton or microfiber cloth can work well unless the surface is really grimy, which happens often with computer displays.

We use products specifically designed for this purpose. These kits include a liquid in a spray bottle that is gel-like so it doesn’t run down the screen along with a microfiber cloth or squeegee for spreading the cleaner. A very light spray does the trick – cleaning the screen and reducing static that attracts dust. Note: these are for the screen only, not the glossy bezel that surrounds most TV’s.

The product we most often use is from Binary who offers a Screen Cleaning Kit with Storage Case – Micro-Cloth Squeegee and Gel Mist Cleaning Solution.  At $12 these are great solutions for all your flat panel TV and computer needs and we include a cleaning kit with a TV purchase. If you need one of these kits or advice on other AV product care, give us a call.