Below are answers to two of the most common questions we receive about Sonos and references for more information about the Sonos music system.

1. Can Sonos play my music purchased via iTunes?

Yes, with a caveat.  iTunes offers over 8 million tracks in DRM-free AAC (i.e., not copy protected) through the iTunes Plus Store. Music purchased through the iTunes Plus Store will play through the Sonos Multi-Room Music System.


Before January 6th 2009, iTunes music was copy-protected using a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) called FairPlay. The DRM protection prevents this purchased music from being played through any non-Apple devices, including Sonos. If you are an iTunes customer who has previously purchased DRM-protected music click the link below to launch the iTunes application and view your upgrade options.


2. I have added new songs to my iTunes library or the shared folder where Sonos gets my music.  Why don’t I see them in the Sonos music library?


You need to update your Sonos music index after buying music, getting music files from someone, or ripping music from CD’s you own.  From the Sonos Desktop Controller on a PC or MAC, go to the Music menu selection and chose the last item “Update Music Index Now”.  If you regularly add or buy music, you can schedule an automatic update to occur by selecting the “Schedule Music Index Updates …” item.


For more information about iTunes and Sonos, including using iTunes playlists, go to:


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